Since 1967, 558 4AM has been the “Voice of the Tableland” covering all major centers of this growth region.

Tourism is also booming due to numerous attractions from wineries to tranquil lakes. The 4AM music format is based on variety and aims at the prosperous 35 plus age group. Over 60,000 people live in our primary service area on the Tableland and our signal can be heard throughout most of Cairns, adding a further 100,000 potential listeners. 4AM broadcasts to the vibrant Port Douglas— Mossman tourist region via our AM 1422 transmitter and to the Southern Tableland on FM91.3.

4AM places great importance on community service and the station is highly visible at local festivals and shows.

Tune in to 4AM for the Northern News: Monday to Friday (8.00am, midday and 5.06pm).

Tune in to 4AM

558AM – Tableland & Cairns
1422AM – Mossman & Port Douglas
91.3FM – Ravenshoe & Southern Tableland

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Programme Guide

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Northern News

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Rural Report

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The Breakfast Show with “AJ” Adrian Harding

Weekdays from 5am till 9am

Pete Graham

Weekdays from 9am till 11am

Pete Graham
Glenn Johns

Weekdays from 12pm till 1pm

Glenn was born in a cross fire hurricane. He was vaccinated with a phonograph needle and was pre-ordained to be in radio having made his mother take him to the studios of the local radio station having displayed serial competition winner tendencies.

Hobbies and interests include anything conducted at over 300kmh.

The Drive Home Show with Al Kirton

Weekdays 4pm to 7pm

Since the age of 20, Al has been part of the radio industry working at stations 4VL, 4CD, 4RO, 2ST, 2LT, 3BO, 4ZR, 4VL (again) 4KZ, KOOL FM, 4AY, KIK FM & 4AM.

Al’s former roles have included announcer, salesman, sales promotion manager, sales manager and part owner.

Sunday Gold with Matt Bridson

Sunday Mornings – 6am to Noon

Sunday Gold is unique to Australian Radio, playing all the big hits from the 50s to the 80s between 6am and midday.

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